Introducing Twigscent by Twigs & Honey

Finally! After nearly a year of development, the new product line, Twigscent, is here! Thank you to everyone for your support and patience. I will have posts throughout the week sharing some of the special qualities of Twigscent.

rumpledcake eau de parfum

Twigscent by Twigs & Honey is a line of all natural fragrances made with ingredients including essential oils and jojoba oil. The line is currently debuting with its first fragrance, Rumpledcake eau de parfum. New fragrances will be added seasonally with additional products being added with time. Visit the new website HERE for all the details. For a much more detailed description, read below. :)

photo credits: Elizabeth Messina

For today's introduction post, I'd love to share with you how it all came about.
The conception of Twigscent was a true labor of love. Most family and friends and followers of this blog know I suffer from migraines... severe migraines. They are debilitating (I've tried more than 1 prescription and every remedy in the book). There's a list of "triggers" but throughout my life, one of the most significant has been perfumes/fragrances. I liked some perfumes initially, but more often than not, they would leave my head aching after just a little sniff. I actually started to really despise perfume and would avoid it whenever possible. All the while, I figured that it must be a sensitive nose or something similar and I was resolved to the fact that I would never be able to wear perfume.

Through the years, I've continued to learn more about natural ingredients, organics, and essential oils. The more I learned the more I realized that it wasn't that I couldn't wear perfume, but it was the chemical fragrances that were causing my migraines and sickness (not limited to though). I began removing all chemical fragrances from our home, from air fresheners to body lotion. I just got rid of it all. People often say to me, "You are really sensitive, aren't you?" OR "You're kind of weak and get sick all the time." It wasn't enough that I had to suffer from migraines and nausea, but I grew up this way and couldn't help it so it was a bit insulting. I began to take a more proactive approach by minimizing chemicals and began to realize that yes, I may react more easily to chemicals, but in all reality, isn't that a good thing? I often tell my husband that I'm his canary in a mine shaft. I can often detect undesirable ingredients far in advance of company. Feeling sick is no fun, but as a result of my sensitivity to chemicals, I've avoided many harmful ingredients and products for years before really knowing why. My body is not sick... it's healthy and it's telling me that it doesn't want chemicals on or it it by rejecting them - hence the sick feeling.

So where does this lead us? Well, I finally decided that I wanted to help myself and help others by creating a line of fragrances made with natural ingredients (I'll discuss this in detail soon!). And that is essentially how Twigscent came to be. Just this year alone, I've discovered so many individuals suffering from the same symptoms as I do with chemical fragrances. You probably know someone who can't stand perfume, yes? Do they know why? Maybe you, yourself can't wear perfume? Even if you have no reaction to chemical fragrances, you might want to try an all natural fragrance if only to help minimize the chemicals that you come into contact with. Many of the most prolific chemical ingredients in perfumes have been linked to cancer, birth defects, kidney and liver damage, allergic reactions, reproductive problems among other damaging effects. Isn't that enough to make you want to switch to a natural fragrance?

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