More on Twigscent fragrances :: Why jojoba oil as opposed to alcohol?

Most perfumes on the market use alcohol as the "carrier" for their fragrances. Twigscent perfumes use 100% clear organic jojoba oil for the carrier. Why? Because jojoba oil is natural, and behaves very similarly to the oil our own skin produces so it is well tolerated by most skin types. It is also nearly odorless and has a very long shelf life if properly stored. Alcohol can be drying for some and may cause skin irritation for others and although grain alcohols may be natural, they are often "specially denatured", as in, chemicals and/or additional ingredients are added to render the alcohol undrinkable. Why do they do this? If they didn't, then people who made and sold perfume would be essentially serving liquor, so they have to alter it to make it poisonous to drink. You should never drink perfume, ever, but when you see the ingredient "SD Alcohol" on the ingredients list, you'll now know that "something" else was added.

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