Best lip balm! La Mer's The Lip Balm

I get dry lips all the time. I try not to use too much chapstick or balm because I feel like you get dependent on it. Nevertheless, I've tried about 20 different brands/types of lip products and none ever work quite like I hope. It always feels like the product just sits on the surface and somewhat moisturizes, but not really and I'll still have bits of dry skin on my lips and roughness - not attractive!

I was nearly resolved to the fact that nothing could be done, but then I finally decided to give one more a try. I really like La Mer products but they are spendy. I have been using Creme de La Mer off and on for years. Whenever finances are tight, I cut it out and go for the cheaper moisturizers. After our big project, I decided to finally "treat" myself to some La Mer products - specifically their Lip Balm (And the Radiant Infusion and a little pot of Creme de La Mer). I'd wondered about it for years, but could never justify the cost ($45 for lip balm!!!). I read really good reviews about it and thought - "heck! I'm going to get it!"

I went with the "free" super slow shipping and patiently waited for a week and it arrived about an hour ago and I totally love it. After warming with my fingers and patting on my lips, I could feel all the dry skin melt away... That never happens! It also has a pleasant smell and tastes like sugar. I would have been completely sold on just the dryness being fixed, but it actually filled in fine lines and made my lips plumper. Bonus! Roughness and fine lines - gone. :)

I'm so excited to have finally found "the" product of all products for my lips - the cost is still a bummer but the results make it well worth it. Sorry for this long post on a simple product! I just thought that maybe someone else out there might stumble on this and find it beneficial. ;)

Available at La Mer's website HERE.

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