Hey look! Shiny new logo:

Thank you, to everyone, for your wonderful comments on a previous post! I was so pleasantly surprised. I had not realized it would have generated such great dialogue. I was also happy to see fellow designer (amazing!) and wonderful friend, Elizabeth, speaking out on the subject as well. :)

As part of the re-brand I was talking about previously, I decided to give my logo a face lift. I'd been tossing the idea around in my head for the better part of over a year and finally took the plunge! I really wanted the logo to "fit" the Twigs & Honey aesthetic. I was scared at first because I had been using the old logo for so long! I think I had become very attached to it. I am a creature of habit and like the familiar but also like to try new things so overall, I feel like it was the a step in the right direction. After multiple revisions (thank you to the amazing calligrapher for her patience with me), the logo is finished and I LOVE it. I think it is the perfect amount of whimsy mixed with sophistication and style. Loveliness, class, and just a little pizazz. More re-branding to come!

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