Autumn is definitely in the air

It's been wet and rainy all this week. Autumn has hit Oregon big time! I got a bad case of food poisoning this week and then a multi-day migraine so I'm just getting back to all my messages and emails and blogging and such. :)

I do look forward to picking pumpkins soon. I have a BIG long project due at the beginning of November so I'll be hunkering down a bit more than usual - so I suppose the rainy weather forcing me indoors works well.

Someone awesomely decided to copy my branding of pink ribbon/flags I had everywhere so I decided to spruce mine up a bit. I found this vintage mint velvet ribbon in France over a year ago and am so happy to use it. Actually, I used most of it already on custom orders, but kept a strip of it for myself just so I could fawn over its softness and color. Love it so much. You'll probably see more of it in the coming weeks. I think it's a nice change from the pink and ushers in autumn and winter in a subtle and not so typical orange/red/yellow kind of way. Happy autumn everyone!


Update: [blanked out] within a day of this post changed all their [blanked out] to a [blanked out] and then replaced with a bent ribbon like I did above. Ribbons are not original but when you are in the same exact industry and you keep [blanked out] - I think that's wrong. Hilariously, they don't seem to understand that when ridiculous amounts of emulation occur, I move away from what was copied because of them. I change for a reason - proactive. They blindly change for no apparent reason except to continually follow - reactive. When they follow in that way, it's almost like they are agreeing that they were being ridiculous, siding with me without even realizing. Too funny and creepy at the same time!

Update to update: Some behaviors make me feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Creepy behavior is just plain creepy. Like visiting someone’s blog over 70 times a day.

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