When it's cold outside...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall and I hope that everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving next week! I've been busy, busy as usual, but have actually been trying to take it a little bit easier the last couple weeks. I realized that since about January, I've been working in complete overdrive.

I know many hardworking, amazingly talented women that have such similar stories - work, work, work! I think it's so hard to find balance when you run your own business and when it starts to take off, it's difficult to budget time for yourself and family. This year, Twigs & Honey production tripled from the previous year and the growth has been exciting! I am so very grateful for all the Twigs & Honey customers, fans, and supporters. I'm also so grateful to my family, contract workers, and patient husband.

In the midst of everything, I started to forget to take care of myself and developed some chronic health annoyances. My sister asked me today, what I've been up to and I said - taking things more slowly to recharge. :) I'm still working until about 8-8:30 at night everyday, but I'm taking more breaks during the day and trying to actively stay calm and peaceful throughout the day. Typically, I'm running around from sun up until long after sundown, but I'm trying to be a bit more "still" for lack of a better word. I just found out this week that I have scoliosis (whatta?!), which had been causing some debilitating back pain (like, going to throw-up because the pain was so bad). So I've started physical therapy and exercises to help and it got me to thinking that I really need to take care of myself a bit more than I have been. I ignored the pain for almost a year and half because I thought I was "too busy". Isn't that so ridiculous? I was also really inspired and motivated after reading Jena's posts on her blog, Modish.

Am I rambling? So sorry! I guess what I'm trying to say is that things are busier than ever, but if it seems quiet around here, it's just that I'm taking a slight breather for myself so that I'm ready for an amazing 2012. Oh~ the exciting things I want to share with everyone!! I cannot wait!

Overall, if you're in a similar situation, be sure to nurture yourself! Also, in case I don't post on my blog in the next week, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank YOU!!!!!

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