Amazing last year

elizabeth-messina_2012_1360 photo credits: Elizabeth Messina
This past year was ridiculously amazing and I feel like the best has yet to come. There have been several large projects that I've been keeping mum about for a variety for reasons (strategic and legal), but some I've committed to for almost a year and others for at least several months. In the last few months, I had that crazy back pain issue and the 1.5 month long bronchitis and feel like amidst all the amazing projects, I have to make sure that I'm taking care of myself as well. So right at the moment, if you're interested in a very custom order, I might not be able to get to it, unfortunately. If it is a simple or large request, feel free to email me still and I might be able to fit it in. Simple customizations to current designs are a lot easier for me to accommodate than custom requests that are for items not currently available. My schedule is highly variable from day-to-day so I don't want to have a blanket policy, as I sometimes find a sliver of time for special order requests. I would LOVE to work with everyone, but have to make sure to finish previous commitments first and keep a good balance for sanity sake.

So whatelse rounds out the typical day at Twigs & Honey lately?
1. We're still remodeling the back half of the house (so our home is a wreck and we don't have a working kitchen yet)
2. Constant order fulfillment - everyday (which could be a full-time+ job by itself)
3. Transitioning for new workers
4. Working with retailers
5. Press projects
6. All those huge projects I was talking about
7. Preparing for The Cream in LA (yeah!)
8. All the backend for that little new collection we just launched ;)
9. Answering the flood of emails we get daily
10. Trying to hold onto a snippet of time to stay healthy and happy with the family. :)

I have some business-y posts planned soon. I've been getting a flood of inquiries for business tips and advice and think it would be great to just do a nice post about commonly asked questions.

Long story short, expect some wonderful things in the next year and keep checking back for all sorts of updates. Thank you, everyone!!!!!!!!!

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