Original artwork

I feel silly to have to even bring this up and so sad that it happened, but after less than one month of going live, the artwork on my website has already been copied by another designer for their own commercial website! I mean, c'mon!!

I didn't think I had to point this out so explicitly but the floral print on my website's background, which is the same as on my signature boxes, is my original, hand painted artwork. It is copyrighted by Twigs & Honey, LLC. I've loved the feedback I've received so far and I think many people didn't realize that it was painted by moi - thank you everyone! But - even if you don't know that it's painted my myself, you shouldn't just copy it off my website. There are so many copyright laws out there for artwork. Educate yourself! You don't just go and right click and copy and use freely. Someone had to work hard to produce that art. I decided to paint my own art for my branding just so I could have exclusive rights to use it and to create exactly what I wanted! Even if you purchase a clipart membership somewhere, the fine print will usually say you can't use for commercial purposes... even though you had to pay for personal use. Long story short - please don't copy off my website or my branding.
Original copyright protected hand painted flowers from twigsandhoney.com
Original watercolour painting by Myra Callan. Do not reproduce!

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