Small business grant :: Would love your help!

I normally cringe at the thought of self-promotion anything, but would LOVE your help on this one! If you're a fan of Twigs & Honey, we're applying for a small business grant from Chase & LivingSocial. We need 250 votes by June 30th to be considered. To vote, please go to: there, scroll to the bottom right and click "log in & support". Once logged in with a facebook account, type "twigs & honey" into the business name and hit "search". Then click the "vote" button and that's it! Please spread the word through Facebook and Twitter! THANK YOU soooo much for all your support and help!!! We are so excited about this opportunity and all the help it would provide us in growing Twigs & Honey! Since we started in January of 2008, we've been completely self-funded - no loans or lines of credit - just pure hard work and reinvesting into the business. We have big plans in the future and know we'll get there eventually... but every little OR big bit helps!

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